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Business Internet T1 Service

Today, access to the Internet is essential to the operation of nearly all businesses. Your connection’s speed and reliability can not only dictate the rate at which daily operations are conducted, but can also mean the difference between inactive employees and productive ones.

An Internet T1 connection is one of the most commonly employed services among modern businesses – and for good reason. Liberated by the geographical restrictions that are frequently associated with other means of Internet access, a single Internet T1 line delivers 1.5Mbps of reliable, high-speed internet access. That’s 60 times faster than dial up!

T1 lines can also scale to meet your business’s unique requirements. For example, if your business does not demand all 24 channels that a full T1 line has to offer, you can opt for a fractional T1. As its name implies, with a fractional T1 service you essentially rent and pay for a fraction/specific number of channels on a T1 line. This is a great option for new or smaller businesses because it provides the same speed and reliability for less cost. Likewise, if your business requires more bandwidth than a single T1 can offer, consider a bonded T1. A bonded T1 is simply two or more T1 lines bonded together to increase the amount of available bandwidth. While a single T1 line provides 1.5Mbps, a 2xbonded T1 provides 3Mbps, 4xbonded T1 provides 4.5Mbps, etc.

When compared to alternative Internet access methods, such as DSL or Cable, Internet T1 service offers a more reliable connection due to the fact that it is a dedicated only to you and your business. DSL and Cable are shared connections, meaning you share your Internet connection with as few as 10 or as many as thousands of your neighbors; as a result, speeds can slow down significantly during peak hours. A T1 connection, on the other hand, is used solely by your business, eliminating the hassle of peak hour slowdowns and giving you a consistently reliable, powerful connection 24/7.

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