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Internet Phone Service Calling Saves Time and Money

Broadband providers can now offer internet phone service through VOIP technology. By enabling users to take advantage of their existing broadband connection to make and receive cheap phone calls, VOIP has become a real money saver for both residential and business customers alike.

The competition in the communication field has been greatly increased with the advent of voip technology offered by the broadband providers. More competition in the voip internet connection has resulted in a lowering of rates and an increase in standard features which has benefited the end user. Homes and businesses that have a high speed broadband connection and looking for a voip telephony should do the homework to investigate the pros and cons of the different broadband providers before signing up.

Probably the biggest name in broadband providers is Vonage.The marketing of Vonage has made it seem like they are the only voip broadband provider. Vonage is considered by many industry watchers to be a middle of the road service in that it has a moderate feature set and a moderate price . Vonage is only one choice and there are many more broadband providers that offer the same good service and standard features to choose from.

Vonage and other similar services are easy to install even if you are not a computer wizard.

Google Talk, SIP and Skype to name a few are basic internet voip services without all the features but are less expensive than many competitors. Google Talk and Skype are services which allow users to make PC to PC calls directly over the internet. The PC to PC calls normally use a headset or mike with speakers.

SIP is actually a communications protocol (it stands for Session Initiation Protocol) rather than a service, and it is possible to use SIP enabled devices to communicate PC to PC for free. Cost savings and computer savvy are enough of a reward for setting up the more complicated SIP communication on the internet.

Know your office requirements before talking to a broadband provider about the established budget. Reviews of the various broadband providers on the internet will help you to consider the ones that fit your needs.