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The Importance of Internet in E-Commerce

Gone are the days when one had to give an advertisement in daily newspapers, on radio or television or had to distribute hard copies of paper pamphlets to get noticed. The advent of internet heralded a significant change in the way companies reached out to their clients.

The mushrooming of e-commerce portals in the last decade has made life easier for the customers. Buying online or searching for anything on the web – right from grocery to gadgets, housekeeping services to hiring employees; finding one’s life partner, a dream house or hiring domestic housemaids- is easily available to consumers on a desktop or handheld digital devices. Today, all companies approach their prospective employees through job sites. They even interview them online through video conferencing. Even for showcasing their products, they use the web.

The most important change has been noticed in the education sector. The students can now attend the lectures of their teacher right at their home, by just logging on to their gadgets. Internet banking and digital wallets have made life easier for everyone. One can easily check their bank balance, pay utility bills, recharge their mobile, buy movie tickets or send money to their friends and family members through this service.

There was a time when carrying the hard copy of any ticket – whether train, air or bus- was mandatory for travel. Even booking a hotel in a particular location was a difficult task. Now, one just requires the booking details on his mobile and he can move around without any printout. E-tickets have also resulted in savings of paper. There are several web portals through which a customer can compare the prices and settle for the best deal.

Several small units, which were once a startup, have grown into big multinational companies. These organizations are led by a group of techno -savvy professionals who wanted to bring a change in the lives of the people. No field has been left untouched by these visionary leaders. They believed in the power of technology and with their sheer dedication and hard work, have made it possible.

There are several venture capitalists who are ready to fund any start- up which they feel has the potential for growth. This sector has created several job opportunities. Many, however, feel that this is just a transition phase, and sooner or later, the bubble will burst, and only the fittest and the best in this field will survive.

Sandeep Shankar is a Delhi- based writer who writes on different topics